Qtee is a leading telepsychiatry service. We offer online psychiatry service at competitive fees. We understand that mental health is as important as physical, hence our aim is providing fastest and easily accessible psychiatry services.

We are striving to offer best mental support services to let people live a healthy and meaningful life. We offer a wide range of services to address multiple needs of patients. We assist and support our patients to address their problems within the confirm of their homes.

Our GMC licensed and professional psychiatrists are available 7 days a week to deal with both acute and chronic mental health issues of our service users.


Our services:

A rapid improvement in patient outcomes

High patients’ satisfaction rate

Low nonattendance at appointments.

Highly cost effective

Optimum use of medical staff and other resources

Advantage to you

We are a group of qualified and recognized doctors who have the necessary experience and are also ratified by ourselves and have the respective accreditation to work in a specific country or jurisdiction.

For us it's also important to help serve people from underprivileged backgrounds in developing countries. Initially plans are to support the needs of people in India and South America on a sessional basis.

In addition we make life simple by working extended hours to suit your needs. We are also extremely conscious about confidentiality and to ensure that we use our own unique devices. We will provide you our services including our state of the art Qtee device, which is HIPPA compliant and has excellent interface quality and video conferencing abilities.

Our head office is based in England.

Easy Access

Qtee connects an expert psychiatrist network to patients as per their needs and preferences. We understand that medical emergencies can’t wait for delay, in order to address promptness requirement, Qtee has built up a wide community of expert psychiatrists waiting to help you. Our easy access network for the patients offer them right telepsychiatry service at the right place, on the right time. We have built up our network on fastest and reliable server to ensure patients get connected to professionals within seconds of their search. Qtee means a way to easiest access to telepsychiatry across continents.

Wellness Support

Our licensed medical health professionals help you understand your problems conveniently to find out constructive and workable solutions. Qtee believes in contributing an active part for wellness of society by offering mental support to patients without asking them to leave home. We totally understand your privacy needs and abide by it at any cost. Wellness support is key feature of our psychiatry service to help patients live a healthy life. From psychotherapy, consultation to medication management, we offer wide range of wellness support for its patients through click of a button.

A Healthy Community

Our top priority is to care for our patient, address their issues and provide them expert psychiatry help within minutes. To build up a healthy and safe community to encourage patients to discuss their mental issues, we also offer video visits through secure online platforms to improve their interaction with their doctor. From addiction rehabilitation to clinical depression cure, we aim at addressing all types of mental issues to build up a healthy community across continents.

Cost effectiveness by offering remote mental healthcare service

It enables patients’ to opt a highly cost effective and less expansive mental healthcare that create major hurdle for a patient to seek professional help. Due to lack of physical presence of a psychiatrist, patients’ are not charged as high as for traditional psychiatrist sessions.

Helpful in mitigation of shortage or limited availability of psychiatrists

Due to restriction of 9 am to 5 am timing or traditional office hours, several patients could not seek necessary psychiatrist help in past. Telepsychiatry has changed this scenario by offering 7 days a week availability of physicians to doctors at their fingertips.

High rate of patient participation

Up to 50% patients hesitate traditional psychiatrist sessions due to several issue i.e. travel cost, time management, restricted timings of psychiatrists etc. Telepsychiatry has enabled patients to show highest attendance percentage by staying at home and contacting their doctor within privacy and security loop.

Better optimization of time for both patient and psychiatrist

It has revolutionized traditional counseling by bringing better harmony between patient and physician. Both can interact and discuss mental issues despite of lack of time or inability to travel. Due to mitigation of transit time it improved no-show response from patients to help them live a stable life under expert guidelines.

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