Qtee charges a fairly low rate than leading telepsychiatry companies operating in same region. We believe in facilitating patients at our best by offering them lowest possible rates.


Private clients:

United Kingdom and New Zealand 

  • Initial consultation: £150.00
  • Follow up appointment: £100.00
  • Repeat prescription: £44.00

For hospitals and private establishments

For NHS block contracts or specific needs or requirements for your establishment, please contact us to develop a suitable and cost effective package. We offer several discounts for group consultation sessions to address needs of multiple patients suffering from same type of disorders in collective sessions. It enable patients to do networking with others who are suffering from same mental conditions to get a better perspective towards health.

We believe it is also essential we are compatible with your electronic patient management systems. With our latest Qtee devices and fast servers, we get connected with our patients instantly for flawless and continued sessions to address their problems on timely basis.

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