We need you to help us provide the best possible care. We need psychiatrists and clinicians fluent in English, Spanish, Hindi and Telugu. Our services portfolio is scalable and we are planning to expand it across continents to provide maximum number of patient high quality and immediate telepsychiatry service. We need support of well qualified, highly experienced and professional, certified psychiatrists. If you meet this criteria and helping patients is your passion and purpose of life, this platform is your right place. Come and join us, we together can make this world a better place to live in.


This could be the lifestyle you always dreamed of, having the flexibility of traveling or spending more time with your family whist earning a living. We are an employee oriented company. Your satisfaction is our priority. In return of high quality and professional service to our patients, we offer you a potential monetary value and dream lifestyle to serve your purpose and live your lives to fullest.

So don’t wait too long if you want to pursue a life of your dreams by helping people to live a healthy and purposeful life. Apply now along with your credential so that we can line you up for interview. We will try and help find you a suitable position or assist you in seeing private clients.

In return we expect you to provide and maintain the highest standards of care as described by your governing body. Clinicians will be directly responsible for the clients they manage and hence we encourage you to have the necessary indemnity. You will be expected to consider patients as your family to show maximum empathy and concern to help them live a stable life. Your satisfaction is our priority and patients’ health should be yours.