For private clients, upon payment of the agreed fees, a suitable time between the clinician and client is organized. We anticipate greater availability due to the nature of our consultation and process.

For business, hospitals and the volunteer segment and other entities where block contracts are an obligation, a clinician will be available during the contracted/agreed timescales, hours.

All this is done with the help of our Qtee device. The Qtee will be shipped to the parties in question at the cost of the establishment.

Qtee is a unique, easy to use device which ensures privacy and superior quality. Scheduling initial evaluation or other appointment

Visit website of Qtee to get detailed information to get your initial evaluation, if you are visiting for the first time, scheduled or contact us at given phone no. Schedule your first session as per your available time. You may provide minor details about your problem to help our representative find you a good match of psychiatrist as per your needs.

Package selection

Once your initial evaluation or other appointment has been scheduled, now you are required to select your consultation package from different offers available i.e. Qtee follow up, initial consultation or repeat prescription.


The initial evaluation treatment session may last from 30-45 minutes as per discretion of physician as per your issue and mental condition.

Initial evaluation

In case of initial evaluation, you are required to share your medical history, mental health problems and other key information that may be helpful for your psychiatrist to understand your case. The key information you are likely to share may include:

Drinking or drug history

Psychiatry and mental health history

Medical or illness history

Required treatment

Follow up appointment

You can get your first follow up appointment scheduled post 2-4 weeks of your initial evaluation session. The follow up appointment will include following activities at large:

Your experience of initial evaluation session

Success rate to quit drugs and other bad habits post first session

Key side effects or benefits of initial evaluation session

Other question you want to discuss with your psychiatrist

Duration 25-30 minutes