We wanted to remove all ambiguity or confusion and maintain extreme confidentiality while providing the best quality of care. To meet the high profile privacy need of our valued patients, we use highly advanced devices to reach out you to ensure you have a high quality and flawless psychiatry session.


Qtee devices do just that. They are simple to use and only require a one-time setup to have your sessions with your doctor or clinician. Our clinicians and doctors are expert at using latest technology to ensure patients are given a full of ease and highly accessible session to improve their interaction.

Qtee is a type of Samsung tablet which was selected after a prolonged phase of due diligence and research. It has highly advanced features and latest technology to ensure counseling session are conducted in absolute privacy and patients’ data is highly secure. These tablets are capable of handling a fast and rigorous video counselling session due to high speed processors and high resolution cameras.

Within the Qtee device we have incorporated zoom technology which again is world renowned and complaint to take care of the needs of an individual or providers. It enable physicians to study and analyze body language of patients’ in deep detail to conclude their mental condition accurately. We don’t leave any stone unturned to offer highest quality and widely accessible services for our valued patients